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Rebuildable dripper atomizer, Ø24mm, 100% grade 5 titanium, Bottom feeder compatible, 8 airflow settings, leak proof design for transport, juice well 2.7ml, dual driptip.
250.00 € excl tax


The XIV is a low profile dripper atomizer with a very reduced atomization chamber, BF compatible, very easy to use and build.
83.33 € excl tax


Rebuildable atomizer aimed at the flavor side of cloud chasing.
91.67 € excl tax 58.33 € excl tax

Beauty rings - full set

Full set of beauty rings for the Richelieu atomizer : wings Gold + wings SS + classical brass + classical copper
50.00 € excl tax 16.67 € excl tax

Driptip - Wings - SS

"Wings" driptip - SS 316L
15.00 € excl tax 8.33 € excl tax