Richelieu titanium edition

Limited edition
Manufacturer: Volute Modz
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The titanium limited edition

This edition is to mark the first anniversary of VoluteModz. A first year full of experience where we have been able to make our ideas a reality, a human experience rich of the many people we met at vapeshops, vape events and through internet.


Titanium is a material we like very much, the TA6V is grade 5 titanium offering a light weight like aluminium, improved physical caracteristics compared to stainless steel (keeps food-grade, bio-compatibility and oxidation immunity) without compromising aesthetic.

This limited edition of 10 is what we think is the best of the Richelieu.

Robin & Nico.


Note : The package include our "Wings" driptip, the improved SS316L kit, our VoluteModz o'rings, and spares.


Designed for mobility

The richelieu boasts a 1.7ml tank capacity and is the world-first rebuildable atomizer to offer a closing system ensuring a true leaks-free experience during transport (even after a plane flight ^^).


Designed for everyday use

Less of a quarter turn of the topcap to bring an open position and be ready to vape, or the closed position for transport.
The filling is easy and is done directly with the juice bottle, the coils rig is open and is easy to access.
Its design promote a low number of parts : easier to assemble, easier to clean.
Entirely build from titanium Ta6v to fearlessly confront pockets and hand bags.


By vapers, for vapers

In a constant quest of improvements, the Richelieu now have a lengther central post to allow the best compatibility with hybrid mods.

O'rings of the Richelieu have been specialy designed for VoluteModz with our unique color. Compared to a standard o'ring our special material (food grade quality of course) offer an improved heat resistance, imroved friction resistance(for the topcap) and an excellent resistance to acid juices (pluid like or lemon juices) which are a known cause of accelerated deterioration. 


Detailed specifications :

  • diameter : 22mm
  • 10mm deep juice well (1.7ml) machined from a single block of stainless steel.
  • unique closing system, bring your atomizer anywhere the Richelieu is fully hermetic when closed.
  • airflow adjustement for single or dual coils build, 6 engraved marks for quick adjustement
  • Peek insulators for heat resistance
  • VoluteModz's o-rings have standard sizes and can be replaced by standard's one in case of short supplies.
  • grooves on the bottom of the tank are used to ensure a good grip and maintain a sober design.
  • Easy and conventional horizontal coil building
  • adjustable 510 pin
  • beauty ring
  • material is titanium Ta6v, it's robust, scratch-resistant and ultra light !
  • Inox316L internal nuts, screws and centerpost
  • "Wings" driptip 


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