Vauban RDA is dripper type atomizer, mono coil, bottom feeder ready, and designed to be very versatile.
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Mounting coil is easy

There is a notch for the positioning of the coil axis.
At the clamping plots, a wide gap is present to facilitate the insertion of the coil without torsion, as well as a rear clearance to easily cut the wires without risk of short circuit.
The screws are custom machined to provide an ideal grip and clamping performance.

Airflow and flavors
The air ducts allow optimal cooling of the coil and are interchangeable. Choosing the appropriate air duct, matched to the coil mount and heating power. is key to get precise and unaltered flavors. Fine adjustment of the air flow is further possible by rotating the topcap.

The draw can range from very tight (MTL) to very open.


Technical details :

- Dripper Ø22mm
- 3 finishes : shiny polished, black polished, satin
- interchangeables air ducts inserts (6 configurations mono/double airflow) + fine adjustment
- integrated driptip + compatibility with standard 510 driptips
- laser engraving and serial number

The box include :
1 x Vauban atomizer
1 x classical 510 pin
1 x BF 510 pin (Bottom Feeder) 
2 x Ultem air duct inserts (open draw) : 2.90 mm x 3.90 mm
2 x Ultem air duct inserts (restricted draw) : 1.80 mm x 3.90 mm
2 x Ultem air duct inserts (tight draw) : 2 x Ø1.3mm
1 x non drilled Ultem air duct insert (tight draw)
10 x o'rings for Ultem air duct inserts
1 x spare parts kit


Notes on assembly :

To change the 510 pin unscrew the mounted pin clockwise, and screw the new pin anticlockwise. Reverse threading avoids unintentional loosening of the pin when you screw / unscrew the atomizer onto a box or a mod.

To change air ducts inserts, place a small oring (provided) around the base of the insert before installation, this ensure a good hold and air seal. The inserts are designed to fit snugly in their cavity, they must not protrude outside the base or inside the chamber.

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