The XIV is a low profile dripper atomizer with a very reduced atomization chamber, BF compatible, very easy to use and build.
Manufacturer: Volute Modz
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A Juice tester

The XIV is a flavor oriented atomizer. Designed to be a juice tester it’s vapor chamber is reduced to the max and mono-coil only. Around this simple concept we reduced the number of parts by using specific materials and unconventional shaped parts to give each one more than one technical functions, like the clamping ceramic bar for example.

Ergonomically, the tightening of the resistance is carried out via a single oversized hand nut, the positioning of the "top cap" allows 4 airflow settings offering a tight draw up to an aery one, and the 2 included central posts allow to mount the XIV on conventional mods or BF.

On the design side, the shapes and lines of the XIV are derivated of the "streamline" movement,  giving it this nice look and a very low profile ranking among the smallest. Designing around this ultra reduced tank will allow us to vary the size, materials, colors and shape of upcoming new topcaps.

The box

Matte black and golden logos, made entirely of wood and with a simple design, the storage box has a reversible lid, a plain one and the other which can be used as a mounting base or as a display. The bottom of the box is covered with felt. Main idea here is that this box will find its place more easily on a desk or shelf.

Summary :

- Ultra-reduced chamber 6x5x6.5mm

- Visible height of 14mm (without the extension of driptip)

- 4 airflow settings: 1x1.3mm, 2x1.3mm, 3x1.5mm, 3x2mm

- 2 center posts, a conventional one and a BF compatible one.

- 99% alumina ceramic clamping bar (ultra insulator, ultra mechanical and chemical resistances, inert material)

- Vitton o’rings

- Peek and Teflon insulators

- Additional 4mm extender driptip in delrin

- Engravings on nut and tank

- top cap Ø24mm black Delrin



First look, assembly and disassembly


How to build - our recommandation

12W - 20W MTL build (2 holes airflows) : build with a Ø2.5mm micro-coil, 8 turns with a nichrome wire, target resistance around 1 ohm for mechanical mod or 1.2 ohm for regulated mod. 


20W - 50W Direct lung (3 holes airflows) : build with Ø2mm MTL micro-alien coil or equivalent.

Coil can be placed from a vertical or horizontal position.

We strongly advise to not use any tool but only bare hand to tighen your coil. Ceramic is harder than metal but will break under too much pressure where metal would bent. You just need to get your coil in place and tighen so it don't move.



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